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Fun Industries has been the leading manufacturer of cash cube money machines for nearly 20 years.

Don't be misled, buy direct from the manufacturer!  

Our product line includes 8 distinct models, ranging from the gigantic Mega Cube to the tabletop Grabber. Regardless of your promotion, Fun Industries has a money machine and rental program to meet your needs. Scroll down the page to view our lineup and click the link above to visit our homepage.




For Rent 

The Traveler™ Money Machine is Now Available for Rental !
As requested we now offer A National Rental Program for the popular Traveler Money Machine.  The Traveler has always been a favorite for Employee Incentive Programs, Company Parties and Picnics,  and other Corporate Events. Now with Fun Industries National Rental Program our Corporate Clients have access to the finest cash cube on the market, at a fraction of its purchase price.  So whether your organization is hosting a small Radio Event or a massive Grand Opening the Traveler is available when and where you need it.  Contact us for further information on this program as well as the many other special promotional products we have available for your next marketing event. You may also visit our rental site @   WWW.GIZMOS4RENT.COM

Promotional Ideas

Promoting with Money Machines
Few promotional products have the versatility and allure of the money machine and we at Fun Industries have sought to capitalize on this even further by designing a line so complete that your business or organization is guaranteed  to find a machine for your needs. Below are a few ideas that some of our customers are currently implementing very successfully. We invite you to browse our on-line catalog and contact us for your organizations needs.

 Corporate Events: While cash cubes have long been a standard attraction at annual corporate events, more companies are finding them to be just the ticket to put a little excitement in their weekly and monthly sales meetings as well. A chance to enter the money machine is an excellent employee incentive to bring in new clients, push new product sales, or beat last months sales figures. 
 Grand Openings: Business promoters know money blowers are an absolute necessity at Grand Openings. The excitement of man versus machine and the allure of the swirling money guarantees an exciting carnival like atmosphere. There is no better way to stimulate sales then by using Mall Dollars, Special Purchase Coupons, or Store Bucks in addition to cash.  
 Auto Dealership Promotions:  Auto Dealerships and Car Lots have an excellent promotional opportunity with the money machine. Imagine each purchaser of a New Car getting to step into a money machine or prospective buyers being allowed to grab their down payment in Dealer Dollars prior to a purchase. 
 Product Sale Promotion: Product promotion is not limited to just automotive dealers. The money machine offers nice purchasing incentives to virtually any mid to high range product. Appliance Dealers, Electronics Stores and Home Improvement Centers all would benefit from periodic money machine rentals.
Fund Raisers: As with employee incentive programs, fund raising events are an excellent rental promotional source.   

 Redemption Centers: Often over looked is the Family Fun Center or Vending Amusement Parlor. When stuffed with redemption coupons the money machine is a real inducement for game players.
 Casino and Riverboat Events:  A natural attraction for the gambler, the Mega Cube, Elite or Hollywood cash cube will draw a crowd to any gaming parlor. 
 Trade Show Promotion:  The sheer spectacle of swirling money and dazzling lights is a guaranteed traffic builder. If your trade show promotions lack pizzazz the Traveler Money Machine is sure to bring it to life. 




Mega Cube 



Quite simply the world's finest money machine! If you operate a casino or nightclub, this is the machine for you! Make the Mega Cube the centerpiece of your establishments promotions! 




Elegant styling with solid oak accents. All the features needed to attract and hold a crowd at any promotion with competitive pricing. 

Elite Hollywood 



Elegant styling with brushed aluminum accents. Includes all the same features as the Hollywood with a little extra flair.

Cash Cube 



Our basic model with a few less features but still a crowd pleaser.





A machine designed for portability and functionality. The Traveler is the ultimate companion for the professional event promoter or rental agent. 


Deluxe Traveler 



Also designed for portability and functionality, the Deluxe Traveler features a brushed gold trim set including a built in message board and chasing rope lights. These additions make it the perfect machine for upscale locations.

 Party Machine




Another machine designed for portability and functionality with and added twist. The Party Machine is perfect for family fun centers and parties of all types.

The Grabber 



A less expensive, arms in only machine with several of the options available on our larger machines.

One Arm Bandit 


      One Arm Bandit™

Our least expensive machine.



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