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The Deluxe Traveler™ Money Machine

Our most popular money booth machine for the gaming industry, the Deluxe Traveler™ Money Machine is designed for those seeking a little more “glitz”.

This model features a brushed gold trim kit with a built-in message sign and LED rope lights on top of the base Traveler machine.

Our money booth machine, also known as a cash booth or money grabber, is a device that allows players to enter a wind tunnel and grab as much flying money or coupons as possible in a set amount of time. Typically used at promotional events and fundraisers, the machine has a transparent booth with a high-powered blower that suspends colored bills or paper coupons in the air.

Players stand inside the booth and try to grab as much as they can while the blower is on, with the goal to collect the highest amount possible. These machines offer a fun and exciting way to promote a product or raise funds for charity. The popularity of money booths continues to grow as a unique marketing technique to attract customers.

This money booth machine is also available in a standard model. Typically seen at promotional events and fundraising drives, our machine comprises a transparent booth with a top-notch blower that suspends paper bills or coupons in the air. As players position themselves inside the booth, they anticipate the blower to turn on, and then make a frenzied dash to grab as much as they possibly can.

The game’s objective is to rack up the highest score possible, making it a fun and exciting way to promote a product or fundraise for charity. Today, more and more businesses are opting for money booths as a unique and effective marketing strategy to attract and retain customers.

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