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The Traveler™ Money Machine

The Traveler Money Blowing Machine: copied by many, second to none!

Our money blowing machine is an exciting and interactive fundraising tool that can be rented for charity events, corporate events, or grand openings. The machine blows up a flurry of play money, real money or coupons in the air. Participants stand in the booth, trying to grab as much as they can in a specified timeframe. This cash cube machine can attract crowds and create a fun and competitive atmosphere.

Our money booth game appeal lies in its ability to create a lively and unique experience for participants. Our money blowing machines are relatively easy to set up and can be customized with logos to suit any event. While it may not be an actual money-making machine, it can still draw large crowds and add an element of fun and excitement to any event.

The concept has gained popularity as it creates an entertaining and playful atmosphere while allowing players to earn a fun reward. Business owners and marketers use it as a way to promote brand awareness and draw attention to their products or services. Overall, the money blowing machine continues to serve as a fun and exciting promotional tool for various events and occasions.

Designed for portability and functionality, this is quite possibly the best money tornado machine ever built. The Traveler is the ultimate companion for the professional event promoter or rental agent. This machine is also available in a deluxe model. Imagine the excitement level at your next event!

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