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One Arm Bandit™ Money Machine

Our most affordable tabletop one arm money machine!

Small and compact but with just as much excitement as our larger machines. The One Arm Bandit has a habit of making a trade show booth explode! The arm blowing money machine, also known as a cash cube or money box, is an exciting and fun activity commonly used for promotions, fundraisers, and parties. It is a clear enclosed booth or cube-shaped structure with a table inside. The machine blasts cash or vouchers into the air inside the booth, and the player has to grab as much money as possible within a given time.
Our one arm money blowing machine is a fun and interactive way to promote and advertise your business. A person puts thier arm inside a clear booth and tries to grab as much money as possible as it blows around inside the money box. These machines provide a unique way to attract attention at events, trade shows, and other promotional events.
One Arm Money Machines are customizable, allowing you to add your own branding and messaging. They can incorporate different types of bills or vouchers, depending on your needs. The machines are easy to set up and fun for both participants and onlookers. They can help create a buzz around your brand and attract new customers. Our one arm money machine can be a wise investment for any business looking to make a memorable impression and increase brand awareness.
Our one arm tabletop money-blowing machine is designed to create a fun and exciting experience for people by blowing money around. It is often used at events and parties to entertain guests and create an atmosphere of excitement.
This machine is also available in a deluxe model. This game is popular due to its ability to attract crowds, provide excitement, and have a potentially high payout.


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